I am a incoming first-year PhD student in Organizational Behavior at University of Washington (UW) Michael G. Foster School of Business. Prior to joining Foster, I earned an MSc in Human Resources and Organizations at London School of Economics (LSE) and a B.S. in Psychology at University of California San Diego (UCSD).

My research interest is primarily focuses on cultural-related OB. Specifically, I am interested in researching 1) cultural diversity and managing multicultural teams, 2) the benefits (or costs) of working, studying, living in multiple cultures, and 3) how culture shapes people’s behaviors. Additionally, I am also interested in researching the impact of remote working on employees’ well-being and behaviors.

Beyond research, I have also created a R packages (pscyModel) that aim to make statistical analysis in R simpler. It is currently distributed through CRAN and the dev version is available through my GitHub. It is a beginner-friendly R package for statistical analysis in social science. For more details, please click here.